Future Publishers in Brief:                                         

Future Publishers is a pioneer company par excellence in the field of tourist and religious electronic publishing. Ever since it was established in 1995, its motto has always been “Specialization” as the only guarantee for creativity and innovation.

Future Publishers initiated the use of Multimedia for distinguished programming produced in the form of CD’s, and was a pioneer Arab company in such a domain. The Company’s prime production was a CD entitled Egypt: the Land of Pharaohs, which PC-Magazine classified as the Best Arab CD of 1996.

Since 1996, the Company has established a highly qualified cadre in two major fields: tourism and Quality religious programs.

In the field of tourism Future Publishers is considered the only Arab company specialized in publishing CD’s of multilingual promotional tourist encyclopedias, profound and of unique designing style (Passage to Syria, Passaggio in siria, Passage to Jordan, Passage to Tunisia, Passage to Lebanon) which gained vast popularity in all international tourist exhibitions.

In the field of religious publications, and in cooperation with Dar Al-Ma’rifah Publishing Center (licensed to use color and time symbolization aids for the facilitation of reading the Holy Quran), our Company has published a number of Quality CD’s and TV programs shown on more than sixteen space channels and gained vast popularity due to the benefit they provide to learners of Tajweed (the art of reading the Holy Quran) as well as huge encyclopedic works including a comprehensive collection of Quranic topics and, recently, analysis of the Suras (chapters) of the Holy Quran.
The Company’s distinguished production has been constantly based on two elements: simplified authentic documentation implemented by a well- qualified cadre of specialist writers and excellent technical presentation accomplished by a cadre of highly competent technicians who exert every effort to convey information simply and elegantly.

In addition to the afore-mentioned activities, the Company is currently producing multi-lingual versions of all of its tourist and religious publications with the aim of reaching the vastest number of TV viewers, specialists and international tourist agencies, in addition to covering all of the countries of the Middle East, by publishing comprehensive encyclopedias in the form of CD’s or TV programs, and producing more religious TV programs to meet the urgent need for such programs on TV space channels.